Light Wave

Light Wave srl. is a professional business development agency. We are able to establish new sales channels for products/services of your company. Flexible approach and individual adjustment of sales techniques is provided. 

We offer comprehensive preparation to participate in trade fairs in Romania: stand, marketing, translation, accommodation and service along with a trained salesman for discussions with customers.

We believe in the Blue Ocean Strategy (Harvard Business School - 1997). We are the Light Wave that creates your Blue Ocean, where your competition is silenced. 

Generating profitable business opportunities for our customers in many fields, basically we are the expanded sales force of the companies we represent.

We provide our customers with clear and relevant information on business opportunities in Romania.

Facilitating for our clients the negotiation and conclusion of contracts of the performance / delivery of services / products in Romania we are approaching international markets in order to generate opportunities to find partners and global market for the companies we represent.

Consider our business proposal to represent your company in Romania.